A walk down a nature path led me through some brush.

I stepped too close to a blackbirds nest and at me did he rush.

I ran, I fled, I waved my arms but nothing seemed to scare,

the nasty thing from swooping at me and shitting in my hair.

I took a roll down a steepish hill and at the bottom I came to rest.

To my dismay I looked around and found another nest.

Now two birds chased me as I ran to a twisted purple tree.

And this is where I sat and hid but birds they still found me.

My racing heart just wouldn’t calm, the demons they smelled fear.

I knew that when I stood back up they’d peck me in the rear.

So here I sat and forced myself to breathe more steadily.

And between the birds I had just become trapped into tranquility.

I looked across the field and meadow and further to the berm.

I slowed my breath and calmed myself but my captors they stood firm.

I began to think about all the things that suddenly came to mind.

And in these things a sort of peace was I to come to find.

Memories of past endures, reminisce of past events.

Future thoughts of what’s ahead: new sights, new sounds, new scents.

The angry birds’ taunts and songs became my ambiance.

Along with other natural sounds, a wolf crying like an ambulance.

These sounds along with the roars of the deer, the crickets all around,

I felt myself growing tired so I laid back on the ground.

The birds, ballsy fuckers, hopped to the earth and toward me did they prance.

No harm they wanted but instead, to my surprise, I saw them dance.

I watched this act of God at my feet, and then I began to think,

my fucking goodness these drugs haven’t worn off all week.